In Fatima Sultan hotel, Sultanahmet, Istanbul, they beat you up and you look like this.

I have booked this hotel via Most reports on their site are fake. This the report that I have sent to them, and which they never published:

As a guest of Fatima Sultan, I was attacked by a hotel staff member. He broke my glasses and cut my eyelid. I had to undergo an operation.

The hotel building lacks any ventilation system. Toilettes are ventilated trough the rooms, and the whole place smells of fungi. As soon as you enter, you know that you don't want to stay there. This place can only operate thanks to the online booking sites.

After the first night we asked for a room that smells less. We were promised to get one the next day, and then the next day. During the third night we also discovered bugs in the linen. We woke up with red spots on the skin.

At this point we were determined to change the hotel, and we asked for the refund for the remaining two nights. We were refused, but we were persistent. We asked to talk to the boss, and we were lied to that he was in Antalya. When my girlfriend went to the tourist police, I was attacked by a grey-haired guy who works there.


1) Police report

2) Hospital card

3) Me after the operation

When the police brought the complete staff to the hospital for me to identify the attacker, the hotel owner was promising to cover the hospital and other costs, my glasses, and our complete holiday. Of course he never paid anything.

In theory, the attacker should get between six months and two years, but in practice this is usually turned into a warning. Any tourist that visits this hotel may encounter the same man.